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Showdown: ElRon, unreal dm, Admiral Bob

uploaded: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 @ 9:57 PM
FeaturingElRon XChile, unreal dm, Admiral Bob, Bill Ray
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Funkin’ showdown between ElRon, unreal_dm and Admiral Bob

Started noodling around with bass, keyboards, horns and New Orleans Grease by Bill Ray. Once guitars were added song got funkier than planned. Except for two unreal_dm breaks, Bill Ray’s New Orleans grease drums were replaced with Oakland Easy Bay grease drums and electro club drums during ElRon’s parts. Tambourine parts were created over Bill Ray’s drums and use “as is” over East Bay grease drums.

Song is in A minor with ElRon’s intro and break in E.

ElRon - intro
Baritone & tenor sax - verse 1
unreal_dm - break 1, verse 2, break 2
ElRon - bridge
Admiral Bob - verse 3
unreal_dm - verse 3 outro

Yes, we got the idea for the title from Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland - SHOWDOWN!

Was able to create a hotspot on a tablet to network connect the music computer. Primary internet access is still out due to Hurricane Harvey. Ratz!

"Showdown: ElRon, unreal dm, Admiral Bob"
by texasradiofish

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