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#Codebreaker #Heartbreaker

uploaded: Sat, Apr 22, 2017 @ 1:34 AM
Featuringspinningmerkaba (jlbrock44), ElRon XChile, Electronico, Kaer Trouz, Admiral Bob, Bruce H McCosar
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The pro erasure code faction is reducing unsafe space. No erasure codes were proven ineffective by software engineers hiding behind Lucha libre masks.

Protect yourself from the evil corrupt media. Digital data storage media corruption must not be allowed to degrade your way of life or flip your bits.


#DataEncryptionMatters #DataPrivacyMatters

For Big Bang buffs, #MatterMatters is coming to a remix near you!

Crack the Code Secret Mixter

Before we were assigned a secret victim, we prepared by recorded a silly, sarcastic, self indulgent and sometimes cryptic discussion focusing on the much overloaded term “code” and cryptic banter. Yes, some of the humor is data systems-centric. Executable code referenced often include forward error correction codes and data privacy encryption. The code has codes. And, testing and breaking executable code has a geeky humor all it own that is unrelated to hacking, breaking encryption and security codes.

Once Jason was assign our secret victim, the challenge was to well integrate and showcase jbrock44 audio with our silly, sarcastic, self indulgent discussion.

The distortion is some of the voice audio is caused by noodling around with Izotope Trash 2. If you got it, trash it.

In the second break, Jason’s victimized, tortured, reamped and, in part, reversed lead guitar from Funky Nurykabe is featured over an Oganometric backing track. Each Oganometric passage ends with a big Funky Nurykabe guitar chord.

Rebuilt the last chord in Jason’s Blue Like Venus passage using Admiral Bob’s bass, drum and guitar stems plus bmccosars ride cymbals.

TRF does not encourage the use of recreational or illegal drugs. References to recreational drugs and illegal drugs in #Codedbreaker #Heartbreaker are due to dialogue writing skills akin to bantha poodoo.

"#Codebreaker #Heartbreaker"
by texasradiofish

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