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uploaded: Sun, May 3, 2009 @ 9:08 AM
FeaturingDuckett, Fireproof Babies & Edwin van Buuringen
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While listening to the Cool Music Show a couple of weeks ago, I heard Magmavander’s very fine take on Duckett’s spoken word piece Hornet and was reminded of how much I liked Duckett’s voice and words in Close My Eyes, which I used in this tune (shameless self-plug). And Hornet was no different, so I thought (and mostly hoped) that it might fit in with an old and unfinished song of mine called Drowning In Shallow Waters.

However, there were still some pieces missing so I called in the help of not one, but two guitar players, who both had helped me out previously. Edwin van Buuringen has been saving my musical butt for twelve years now and two of such examples can be found here and there (shameless self-plug #2 and #3). For Fireproof Babies it is (only) the third time that I have bothered him with a request to help me out. The first time was with this tune (where he played the clarinet, by the way) and the second time it was with that song (shameless self-plug #4 and #5). FB also send me some additional weird stuff, part of which ended up in this remix (the rest will most probably find its way in another one).

And finally, I also used two recordings of this angry little fellow by Greg Baumont. It’s maybe a bit too obvious to use it, but that’s the kinda guy I am. Apart from the fact that no one else had done it (at least not here at ccmixter).

Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

edit: I have uploaded a sample pack for this remix. You can find it here.

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