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Sweet Seduction 2 Rap

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Sweet Seduction Rap
Space station
back to the dome
reborn corporation
I kid ya no fib ya
we’re on da attack
hollywood’s in the garbage
and we’re bringin’ love back
mtv’s closed teleshopping for the night
with the 24 billion colours of shite
15 copycat cable channels
the judging panels
assorted mammals
state approved
you ask
we flannel

words arrive
twerked and retweeted
future, optimism
been deleted
it’s hard to see
through commercial hate
but a better world
tantalisingly awaits

girls and boys
girls and girls
guys and guys
if love see colour
you can gouge out my eyes
you thought it ended in 45
but they’re back again
with the same old lies
but we thrashed them then
and we’ll thrash them again

so here’s a story bout the planet mars
it used to be green and blue like ours’
and now lies dead in the sky above
it’s inhabitants they forgot how to love
proud not meek
they killed the weak
to save the face
of their master race
they were powerful
they were strong
but forgot the world to which they belonged
to life itself they held the keys
but they sold their souls
and became a disease

so they said work
and I said wait
do we really wanna rush to the martians fate
a stitch in time
after all saves nine
do I wanna be a part
of the ultimate crime
you can make a lot of money
you can have a real life
but it’s not my money
and it’s not my life
if I let myself grow old
doing just what i’m told
no peace of mind
am I gonna find
if I have to leave real friends behind

and then one day came a beautiful change
love and beauty back in range
don’t matter that it’s only in my mind
because I remind
that it is my mind
and no-ones gonna kill it
with the cruel and unkind
so call me a dreamer
and see if I care
cos it’s my own dream
not someone else’s nightmare

and I can forgive
and I can smile
if you can’t do that
I can wait a while
and the brown eyed girl
and the blue eyed boy
cuddle under the pier
as the tears turn to joy
and her folks look at his
though they were different tribes
there’s a pureness of love
that just can’t be described
as the clouds pass the sun
there’s a new ray of hope
yes these kids are for real
not some actors in a soap
there’s no demographic blocks
now there’s people once more
there’s no black
there’s no white
it was just an excuse for war

as the people realise what they’ve done
how the big money stole away our fun
how they lied and cheated every nation
drugged us into vegetation
poisoned food
made nature rude
made being poor
against the law
yet no revenge
against this fraud
the powerful
were just ignored
and from that time
forever after
their threats were met
with derisive laughter

so we’re going back home
and back to da dome
relax and read
smoke a bit of weed
out of reach
of their phoney laws
out of reach
of their stupid wars
and we’ll sober up
and lend a hand
we’ll call some mates
we’ll join a band
let the old folk
feel their worth
enjoy the tales of their time on earth

enjoy a beer
and be sincere
no need to act
we’re all intact
the sea was rough
yet we made it through
and i’ve got ideas
for some stuff to do
don’t take the bait
waste emotions on hate
positive vibes
fire burning inside
won’t be constrained
I won’t refrain
from being myself
why be someone else
and if you see the likes of me, as some subversive enemy
ask yourself, does that come from me, or just how I was trained to be

"Sweet Seduction 2 Rap"
by stellarartwars

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Creative Commons
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