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uploaded: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 2:39 AM
byState Shirt
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Had a lot of fun remixing a few of Spinmeister’s tracks together. Started with ‘Intergalactic Journey’, but found that parts of his ‘EBM in D’ worked well along with it, and grabbed a synth line from ‘Techno Twang’. This track also prominently features some lead vocals by PattsiPeng, and some short samples from Snowflake and LisaDB. Mixed in my vocals, guitars, synths, drums, and noises :)

The song is about an abusive relationship. Lyrics:

This will never end.
We will be the same
Things will never change!
We will always be together

You made me lie
This hurts me more than it hurts you
This is how you show love
I wouldn’t hit you if you weren’t so bad

If I could live again
There is so much I would change
There is no forever

I will not let go
You will stay right here
You broke my heart again
It makes me love you more

No one will believe you
You get what you deserve, again
Don’t let it bother you
I’m doing this for your own good

If I could live again
There is so much I would change
There is no forever
You’re my whole world

You’re the one that loves
You’re the one that cares
You’re the one that ruins everything
You’re the one that scares

by State Shirt

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Editorial pick

State Shirt transformed Spinmeister stems to create a tightly produced moving modern pop song with gorgeous vocals that belies the seriousness of the lyrical content. Bravo!


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