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Let's Move Along (A 2020 Song)

uploaded: Wed, Dec 23, 2020 @ 2:36 AM last modified: Wed, Dec 23, 2020 @ 2:47 AM  (add)
FeaturingJavolenus, Martijn de Boer
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Didn’t think I would manage a Christmas song or a year-end song this year but Javolenus’ guitar piece inspired me to squeeze out a little something. And Martijn de Boer provided a perfect bass track (as he does).

I don’t give a damn about Christmas this year
I’ve got too much else on my mind
Couldn’t even buy a tree for my dear
A small wreath is all I could find

I’m so tired of feeling I’m risking my life
once a week when I go to the store
And then once a month when I run out of weed
I risk it to go get some more

For nearly a year now it’s not safe out there
and we shouldn’t be getting together
Some people are stupid or they just don’t care
they won’t be convinced not to gather

They seem to be fine
with an uncontrolled spike
I guess they must have some elders
that they really don’t like

I’ll bet there are some though
mourning the loss
politically speaking
of their immoral boss

So now that gets me thinking
yeah, the year was not great
but if we look we might find
some things to celebrate

Guns are still automatic
Jeff Bezos is ecstatic
the stock market’s erratic
we sent trump on his way

My car’s mileage was low
My wife learned how to sew
the kids played in the snow
my new ipad should come today

So let’s say it sucked
and let’s move along
and let’s hope that next year’s
a happier song

"Let's Move Along (A 2020 Song)"
by Speck

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