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Love One Another (The Final Irony)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 30, 2020 @ 3:33 AM
FeaturingApoxode, Martijn de Boer, The Alsajo Project, punk_cuadecuc, Kara Square, Snowflake
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I imagine a future when the robots implore us to “love one another” with increasing insistence. Not that they can feel love, but they know what it is and they’ve calculated that if we don’t heed their plea the human race will end itself. So eventually they stop asking and just take over, you know, for our own good. I say I imagine but it could just as well be some steampunk sci-fi thing I saw on Netflix. The apocalypse is ubiquitous on Netflix. (Ooo… that’s a good title/start to a song.)

Thanks to:
Apoxode - beats (whole and intact)
Martijn de Boer - bass (also whole and intact) and organ
The Alsajo Project - synth
punk_cuadecuc - guitar
Kara Square - “love” (and some ooooing)
Snowflake - “one another”

Also these machine and typrwriter sounds from

"Love One Another (The Final Irony)"
by Speck

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