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please mister president

uploaded: Tue, Apr 28, 2020 @ 3:29 AM last modified: Tue, Apr 28, 2020 @ 3:31 AM  (add)
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Actually, the great paper hoarding of 2020 seems to be over. The store I go to now has both paper towels and toilet paper.
Tangentially, I will never be able to unsee the footage of that clueless idiot tossing paper towels to hurricane survivors a couple years ago.

Anyway, this is just an insignificant little ditty that spilled out of my brain the other day.

Sung to a 110bpm click track.
Melodyne auto-detects Ab so, maybe it is?

Dry and wet flacs uploaded.
Preview is dry.

The words:
Please mr president won’t you throw me paper towels
you saved the Puerto Ricans won’t you do the same for me
I’ve been walking around the store one way up and down the aisles
and zero is how many I did see

Aren’t they still choppin’ down the trees
for the pleasure of my tushy’s charmin squeeze

How come there ain’t none on the shelf
hey did you get enough for yourself

and maybe your neighbors
and maybe your friends
Thanks for leaving me with nothing
to meet my family’s ends

I guess luckily for me
though not much of a surprise
I bought a bunch of coffee filters once
the wrong size

But that’s not how I want to wipe
I wanna buy some paper with a simple swipe
to either clean up my ass or picker-up a spill
I need a handy helper won’t you say you will

Please mr president throw me paper towels
Please mr president
I need a quicker picker upper won’t you say you will

"please mister president"
by Speck

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