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2018 (More Than Half A Year Late)

uploaded: Fri, Jul 19, 2019 @ 3:22 AM
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Thanks once again to unreal_dm for the backing track.

By the way, while I was searching for that last news clip I found this which, if you’re not one of the two million that have already seen it, you should check out. It’s hilariously spot-on.


Every year I write a song
about the year we just had
This year I’m half a year late
on account of it makes me so sad

This year I’m just tired
of all the lying and the greed
The daily dose of craziness
I read on my newsfeed

There are so many instances
to which I could refer
but eventually, effectively
it all becomes a blur

Evil is firmly in power now
to the point it’s no longer a joke
Our land’s in the hands of the billionaires
who care not for regular folk

They’ve stolen the election
away from the citizens
They hide from us the white house
and what kind of shit it’s in

They put children in cages
from their exclusive resorts
and drunken molesters
on the highest of courts

For a while for the sake of a fantasy
they shut the government down
Still waitin’ for someone with some sanity
to stand up to this clown

All the smart people
who don’t like how he’s led
have taken what little dignity
they had with them when they fled

Seems like all we have left
are toadies and users
who’s weak will and negligence
makes us all losers

It’s sad and it’s scary
and it’s not at all fair
that we’re meant to depend on
a boss that don’t care

They got what they wanted
More money, that’s right
and next on the agenda
make sure we stay white

These people are dangerous
I’d even say perverse
Too stupid to know better
they keep making matters worse

Unless I am mistaken
and they’re not stupid at all
but purposely orchestrating
society’s downfall

If you’re looking for conclusions
I can’t say I’ve got any
‘cept two years of this very stable genius
is at least two years too many

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"2018 (More Than Half A Year Late)"
by Speck

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