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Please Don't Drive Stupid

uploaded: Wed, May 1, 2019 @ 3:34 AM
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I’ve been driving more than usual lately. So naturally I have some complaints.

Big thanks once again to unreal_dm for providing a great backing track.

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The words:

When the light turns green and you want to turn left
Here’s a rule that’s written for you
Left turns yield to oncoming traffic
That horn that you hear is me saying fuck you

That little lever on the left is a turn indicator
Use it to let me know what your gonna do
If you wait to turn it on until you’re already turning
you increase the chances that I’ll run you through

Why do you speed up in the truck lane
in order that I won’t pass you
Then when it’s over and you have to merge left
you slow down to forty two

Realize I’m a person and not just a car
Would you do that to my face
The way that you act on the concrete and tar
Says quite a lot about the person you are

Tailgating isn’t gonna make me faster
if the car in front of me is driving slow
Try not to be such a pushy bastard
We all want to get to where we’re trying to go

If it’s a dark rainy day please turn your lights on
It isn’t about you being able to see
You increase everybody’s safety
when you make yourself more visible to me

A busy road is not the place to jog or walk your dog
There are lots of trails and parks more fit for fun
How many distracted drivers does it take to kill a baby in a stroller
The answer my friend is one

These are just a few tips for the careless among you
There seems to be quite a few
You’re probably offended but it’s very important
to be very attentive to what you do

Your transmission is the only thing that should be automatic
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands at ten and two
Stay off of your phone, it can wait ‘til you get home
Where your family or your friends are counting on you

Please don’t drive stupid, I’d like to get home safely
Please don’t drive stupid, maybe there’s someone who would like you to too

"Please Don't Drive Stupid"
by Speck

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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