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Anywhere Apricot

uploaded: Wed, Oct 31, 2018 @ 4:00 AM last modified: Wed, Oct 31, 2018 @ 4:02 AM  (add)
FeaturingApoxode, Martijn de Boer
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Many thanks to:
Apoxode - beats and fx
Martijn de Boer - bass

Three synth tracks by me (stems and samples in the zips)

Contents of ZIP Archive: synth samples

  • /synth 01a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (1.28MB)
  • /synth 02a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (622.13KB)
  • /synth 03a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (668.81KB)
  • /synth 04a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (568.49KB)
  • /synth 05a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (967.12KB)
  • /synth 06a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (931.06KB)
  • /synth 07a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (1.22MB)
  • /synth 08a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (2.58MB)
  • /synth 09a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (1.28MB)
  • /synth 10a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (1.28MB)
  • /synth 11a Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (1.58MB)
  • /synth 12a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (1.24MB)
  • /synth 13a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (589.59KB)
  • /synth 14a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (559.92KB)
  • /synth 15a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (291.29KB)
  • /synth 16a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (617.11KB)
  • /synth 17a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (3.30MB)
  • /synth 18a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (697.13KB)
  • /synth 19a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (778.54KB)
  • /synth 20a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (456.85KB)
  • /synth 21a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (416.90KB)
  • /synth 22a Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (320.13KB)
  • /synth 23a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (1,004.01KB)
  • /synth 24a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (888.40KB)
  • /synth 25a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (447.45KB)
  • /synth 26a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (433.62KB)
  • /synth 27a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (261.23KB)
  • /synth 28a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (243.82KB)
  • /synth 29a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (457.73KB)
  • /synth 30a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (911.46KB)
  • /synth 31a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (306.52KB)
  • /synth 32a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (605.83KB)
  • /synth 33a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (494.95KB)
  • /synth 34a BassAche (Subtractor).flac (1.57MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: synth stems

  • /synth stem BassAche (Subtractor).flac (5.08MB)
  • /synth stem Cerpusdeu (Malstrom).flac (15.11MB)
  • /synth stem Windbulbs (Malstrom).flac (12.05MB)

"Anywhere Apricot"
by Speck

2018 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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