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So Long 2015

uploaded: Sat, Dec 19, 2015 @ 3:29 AM last modified: Sat, Dec 19, 2015 @ 3:30 AM  (add)
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Thanks once again to unreal_dm for yet another inspirational instrumental.

The words:

It’s been a year of greed and fear
and threats against what we hold dear
of cheating cars and dethroned stars
and even bigger forest fires
of candidates that make us look
like something in a comic book
of cops that think a gun’s a good
way to improve a neighborhood
of outbreaks in west africa
and doctors who can’t help the
people dying way too soon
for the right to draw a dumb cartoon
of baker’s who won’t sell their cake
to poofters for religion’s sake
of missiles launched and drones that hover
of innocents who serve as cover
of one percent that own the best
and only want to own the rest
of divas wanting millions more
they’ve got to even up the score
of movies for our children to
let them know the joy is through
we showed them people in their head
and why it’s sad in there instead

so, so long 2015
you’ll be over in a week
we’ll start the clock again
and hope the future looks less bleak

and if it turns out less than heaven
at least we’ll have the iphone seven

we’ll hope and wish and speak and pray
we’ll do our best to stay away
from evil thoughts and leaders, slick
with trumped up bullshit rhetoric
the reality that they create
results in manufactured hate
to sell more guns and start more wars
tell me, what are we fighting for

Come on everybody
we can be better than that
don’t trust your politicians
republican or democrat
use your independent mind
and a little bit of heart
let’s look at next year as a time
to make a brand new start

and if it turns out less than heaven
at least we’ll have the iphone seven

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"So Long 2015"
by Speck

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