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Curious Mando

uploaded: Sat, Jan 10, 2015 @ 5:02 AM last modified: Sat, Jan 10, 2015 @ 5:06 AM  (add)
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Not too long ago I was helping a friend get ready to move and she gave me this mandolin that was buried in her closet. Now, I can’t play the mandolin (or anything really) but that doesn’t stop me. I recorded about 15 minutes of exploration, kind of approaching it the way John Cage might approach a piano (?). Then I cut out a bunch of samples from that. I put some of them together for a preview. I’m uploading all of them in a zip. Maybe somebody might get some use out of them.

Also - if there are any mando experts out there maybe you could help identify it. Here’s a picture. There are no labels on it (or in it) but the case has a serial number and 1940 hand written on it. From a google image search I don’t think it’s anything of great value but still, it is 75 years old and in pretty decent shape.

Contents of ZIP Archive: mandolin

  • /mando 08.flac (126.40KB)
  • /mando 09.flac (189.82KB)
  • /mando 10.flac (1.35MB)
  • /mando 11.flac (428.35KB)
  • /mando 12.flac (445.24KB)
  • /mando 13.flac (1.50MB)
  • /mando 14.flac (128.92KB)
  • /mando 15.flac (535.83KB)
  • /mando 16.flac (266.31KB)
  • /mando 17.flac (576.68KB)
  • /mando 18.flac (604.36KB)
  • /mando 19.flac (279.42KB)
  • /mando 20.flac (534.52KB)
  • /mando 21.flac (1.57MB)
  • /mando 22.flac (1.10MB)
  • /mando 23.flac (588.87KB)
  • /mando 24.flac (184.13KB)
  • /mando 25.flac (303.02KB)
  • /mando 26.flac (3.23MB)
  • /mando 27.flac (1.82MB)
  • /mando 28.flac (1.90MB)
  • /mando 29.flac (623.53KB)
  • /mando 30.flac (1.03MB)
  • /mando 31.flac (596.63KB)
  • /mando 32.flac (1.03MB)
  • /mando 01.flac (282.44KB)
  • /mando 02.flac (118.35KB)
  • /mando 03.flac (225.03KB)
  • /mando 04.flac (175.14KB)
  • /mando 05.flac (175.92KB)
  • /mando 06.flac (217.13KB)
  • /mando 07.flac (169.04KB)

"Curious Mando"
by Speck

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