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Ari's Dada Lobster Dance

uploaded: Sun, Jun 22, 2014 @ 5:14 AM last modified: Sun, Jun 22, 2014 @ 5:21 AM  (add)
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A little something for Ari, my two and a half year old grandniece. That’s her on vocals.
With big thanks to CSoul - the music is mixed solely from his generously shared high quality samples.

Contents of ZIP Archive: ari's vocals

  • /dada 01aflac.flac (164.14KB)
  • /dada 01bflac.flac (204.71KB)
  • /dada 01cflac.flac (216.31KB)
  • /dada 01dflac.flac (211.84KB)
  • /dada 02aflac.flac (71.13KB)
  • /dada 02bflac.flac (92.61KB)
  • /dada 02cflac.flac (97.48KB)
  • /dada 02dflac.flac (96.85KB)
  • /dada 03aflac.flac (72.26KB)
  • /dada 03bflac.flac (82.20KB)
  • /dada 03cflac.flac (83.51KB)
  • /dada 03dflac.flac (81.52KB)
  • /huh 01aflac.flac (118.81KB)
  • /huh 01bflac.flac (168.60KB)
  • /huh 01cflac.flac (196.46KB)
  • /huh 01dflac.flac (185.55KB)
  • /laugh 01aflac.flac (60.71KB)
  • /laugh 01bflac.flac (78.47KB)
  • /laugh 01cflac.flac (85.35KB)
  • /laugh 01dflac.flac (84.01KB)
  • /owa oo 01aflac.flac (150.18KB)
  • /owa oo 01bflac.flac (214.91KB)
  • /owa oo 01cflac.flac (225.45KB)
  • /owa oo 01dflac.flac (219.99KB)
  • /wanna lobster 01aflac.flac (324.79KB)
  • /wanna lobster 01bflac.flac (451.64KB)
  • /wanna lobster 01cflac.flac (442.78KB)
  • /wanna lobster 01dflac.flac (442.73KB)

"Ari's Dada Lobster Dance"
by Speck

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

So, it’s like this… if C3PO
were to sit in w/ Miles, John Klemmer, Herbie, Jaco & Bill Stewart it miiiiight sound a sumpin’ like this. ‘Cept that would cost $ 100 a ticket for standing room.

Go on, get off & Enjoy!!!


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