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Spies with Cosmic Blueprints (Orchestral Anarchy Rendition)

uploaded: Thu, Apr 10, 2008 @ 7:22 PM
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Public Service Announcement: This is NOT a club mix, trance, or disco tune. This is also NOT a test of the emergency broadcast system (though it should be)

After doing Anticipation (ccmixspiracy), I wanted to do another remix, but wavered between several ideas, some involving putting my own instrumentation in, some involving the same formula as before, use all samples and make it work. I also felt the need to jump across the pond from working with quieter, more subtle tones (A.D.) to something more dangerous. Given my propensity to check for reviews and seek critique, I hope I didn’t bite off more than I could chew, but this is ccmixter, where renaissance takes on real meaning. With the Anchor craze going on, I wanted to find something that hadn’t (when I began this) really been used. As Anchor’s voice is quite unique, remixing him is a challenge, but one with unique paybacks. He informed me that the original version of this song had an orchestral style backing, which was interesting as I had already begun thinking in those lines, only more Ligati than Debussy.
WARNING this piece is not a dance club remix or work of calm fiction!!!I’ll get back to that another time. Please don’t click out before giving the piece a full go, then, if you must, leave screaming and running from shimoda’s page, but perhaps return some other time to notice that it isn’t always this way. Given the themes of Anchor’s pella, I felt the treatment, or extraordinary rendition, was deserved. Anchor, I hope it isn’t totally disturbing. Thanks for stopping by and brace yourself, the truth, if it doesn’t set you free, will scare the living S*** out of you! Be careful what you say…

"Spies with Cosmic Blueprints (Orchestral Anarchy Rendition)"
by shimoda

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