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Spectrum Analysis Episode 10 Clips

uploaded: Tue, Feb 5, 2008 @ 6:05 AM
byBen Shewmaker
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These are clips I edited out from my podcast, Spectrum Analysis. These come from episode 10. You can find the show at this site

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Larry your not recording yet are you.flac (171.94KB)
  • /Adam Actually he is.flac (145.48KB)
  • /Adam get together play music and be friends.flac (216.08KB)
  • /Adam go get a violin player.flac (134.71KB)
  • /Adam its all doen.flac (129.05KB)
  • /Adam its just an oscilator.flac (148.06KB)
  • /adam its maxamalistic.flac (209.80KB)
  • /Adam laugh.flac (157.25KB)
  • /Adam let the circiuts tell me what to do.flac (178.80KB)
  • /Adam No.flac (147.62KB)
  • /adam people in different parking lots.flac (154.80KB)
  • /Adam relinquishing that control.flac (192.81KB)
  • /Adam why am I losing myself right now.flac (161.35KB)
  • /Adam you dont really need to touch it.flac (158.32KB)
  • /Adam you need some telepathic sensors.flac (192.03KB)
  • /Ben people place things in appropriate boxes.flac (207.41KB)
  • /Fred - Apply for Graduation.flac (179.10KB)
  • /Fred Body parts.flac (154.42KB)
  • /Fred but that not electronic music.flac (176.88KB)
  • /Fred cant have everything available.flac (241.84KB)
  • /Fred data in out.flac (404.68KB)
  • /Fred dont trust that.flac (172.47KB)
  • /Fred electronic music is a genre not a medium.flac (295.77KB)
  • /Fred Hey aaah.flac (199.04KB)
  • /Fred imitating human imperfection.flac (215.68KB)
  • /Fred nothing sounds as secure as tape piece.flac (235.67KB)
  • /Fred the dangers of tape pieces.flac (544.13KB)
  • /Fred yeah yeah yeah.flac (139.72KB)
  • /Fred yeah yeah yeah 2.flac (132.91KB)
  • /Larry cant hear in a vacum.flac (197.01KB)
  • /Larry depends on how disturbed they are.flac (186.96KB)
  • /Larry FU.flac (125.62KB)
  • /Larry i didnt understand.flac (140.88KB)
  • /Larry im trying to work on my mind.flac (166.92KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 1.flac (179.24KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 2.flac (212.77KB)
  • /Larry laugh 3.flac (206.32KB)
  • /Larry laugh 4.flac (157.95KB)
  • /Larry laugh 5.flac (142.82KB)
  • /Larry laugh 6.flac (222.70KB)
  • /Larry laugh 7.flac (288.91KB)
  • /Larry laugh 8.flac (174.31KB)
  • /Larry laugh 9.flac (152.13KB)
  • /Larry laugh 10.flac (159.56KB)
  • /Larry laugh 11.flac (169.79KB)
  • /Larry not have my body get in the way.flac (209.16KB)
  • /Larry not using your body.flac (152.05KB)
  • /Larry pppp.flac (122.88KB)
  • /Larry reggae tone.flac (206.21KB)
  • /Larry speaker disturbed air molecules.flac (163.63KB)
  • /Larry the song of life never stops.flac (194.22KB)
  • /Larry we are degrading.flac (163.11KB)
  • /Larry what is the question again.flac (178.90KB)
  • /Larry you do the chest and torso.flac (174.88KB)

"Spectrum Analysis Episode 10 Clips"
by Ben Shewmaker

2008 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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