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Blind Love (Gypsy Dub)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 11, 2019 @ 1:07 AM last modified: Sun, Aug 11, 2019 @ 2:21 AM  (add)
FeaturingKara Square, Jeris & Andrew Wainwight
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Got well and truly lost in Kara’s massive back catalogue for this Secret Mixter but kept on heading back to her awesome “Blindly Love”.
Made the big mistake of listening to other remixes of her pell and after falling in love with Jeris’s harmochord/ violin work and Andrew Wainwright’s jaunty dub bass line I just had to take the song further into Gypsy reggae territory!
Hit the dark rum and swallowed the mic for a duet with the wonderful Ms Square against her trusty Uke.
Sadly Kara’s lyrics (especially the third verse) are even more poignant after the latest rounds of mass shootings in the US.

Here’s my take on Kara’s original lyrics; Pellas uploaded :)

“Blind Love”

V1 Another person left a suicidal note
couldnt find enough a love or hope
working full time on da minimum wage
(cant cover all the needs to pay)
and drowning in the weight of every thing
(of everything )

And love is cloaked in shadows of doubt
(with blood)
persuading its the only way out
Only love can stop the blood
will we ever blindly love
will we ever blindly love
the way we blindly spill our blood?

V2 Another verdict for a minor drug crime
sends a person to prison hard time
Just need a chance to rehabilitate
But the money’s only made when we incarcerate
Privatized prisons create lifelong slaves


V3 Another mass murder in America
by a homegrown killer with assault rifle
Indoctrinated hate, armed to the teeth
All with legal guns ‘cause we believe
in the freedom of having weapons
that assist killing sprees


V4 Another war started any given time
Killing innocent, and taking lives
When all we need is dialog
But talking don’t fill the coffers
Like the war machine does
We’re fighting and dying for the 1 percent’s greed


Kara: Will we ever blindly love
will we ever blindly love
the way we blindly spill love?
Is its president and Commander in Chief
Now more than half the country is in disbelief
And we’re all left with our divided ideologies

Chorus on verse

Chorus repeat and fade

Scomber x

"Blind Love (Gypsy Dub)"
by ScOmBer

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