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Willow Belle

uploaded: Wed, Jan 2, 2019 @ 5:43 AM last modified: Wed, Jan 2, 2019 @ 5:47 AM  (add)
FeaturingStefan Kartenberg
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Just a little live folk rock country thingy
Right back at ya Stef!

here’s the lyrics, pella is uploaded here

“Willow Belle”

Well if you see her down in Jackson
where the yellow poplar sway
Can you get right from the horses mouth
why she went away?
High above that crumbling riverbank
that muddy in my way
when she saw the lights from Memphis
shining in her lovely way

Ohhh Oh my Willow Belle
I could tell a story
how I fell..

My Willow Belle

Well her Daddy’s born in Denver
where he never learnt to drive
and her Mamma worked the factory
feeding family nine to five
and her daughter was a beauty
raven hair with perfect face
and she jumped upon my harley
and we got out of that place

Ohhh Oh my Willow Belle
I could tell a story
how I fell

For My Willow Belle

Well we just kept on a riding
headed out towards the west
with my ponytail some cigarette
her in her Sunday best
had to taste the stars of Hollywood
try to be one I confess,
found a dive in downtown Compton way
failed just like the rest!

My Willow Belle
(I still think about)
My Willow Belle
My Willow Belle
(know I dream about)
My Willow Belle
(got to find again)

Ohhh Oh my Willow Belle
I could tell a story!
My willow belle

Scomber x 2019

"Willow Belle"
by Scomber

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