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I feel nothing

uploaded: Sat, Jun 20, 2009 @ 1:45 AM
FeaturingJacinda Espinosa
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Guess I got sucked into a kind of “killing me softly” melody on occasions.
No one really owns these chords anyway.
Not played with an iphone anyway. Thanks Jacinda

Scomber x

I bought a cactus.
A week later it died.
And I got depressed,
because I thought,
Damn. I am less nurturing
than a desert.

- Demetri Martin

Tech fun alert: Music box played on an iphone
I expected the phone to ring any minute. Nerve wracking.
Mixed down back to 4 tracks on the iphone. Some vol ups&down variation in places , weird, I think its a phone rendering thingy. Uploaded from the phone

Scomber 2009

"I feel nothing"
by Scomber

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