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Man of Steel (False Positive SuperHero)

uploaded: Thu, Jun 18, 2009 @ 4:42 AM
FeaturingThe Joe
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Thanks RT, Panu and MCJiB for egging me on. A special thanks to the joe.
All care but no responsibility taken for the lyrics or inferred ego.
No animals were hurt in the production of this track.

Here’s the words when I stop laughing at myself.

false positive man of steel

They shot my pod to the earth
for all it was worth
and sent me racing forward
at the risk of being hurt
so far from home
you better believe
now you hold my daily planet
like I’m Christopher Reeve

I had my mind made up
and my conscience was clean
I fed some kryptonite baby
to your loving machine

I’ve been leaping tall buildings
in a single bound
I flew my lycra faded jumpsuit baby
streaking high
off the ground - girl

You know I’m faster than light
an undercover delight
just loosen up my cape darling
I’ll hold you tonight
I got my x ray vision
its pick’n up what you’ll be giving
detecting your motive
I’m supernatural hammer
like a hundred
red hot locomotives
I’m not your standard comic book hero
more like a shaken up mixture of Ron Jeremy, Barry White
Eros and Nero

I’m not your average kinda Peter Parker
or some other fly by night
little farker
or some funky Bruce Wayne
come to Gotham
to shake it up
shake up your game

And now i see
I know you’ve seen me in lycra
you know that I’m built more like a bull than a prize fighter
so much more than just some
random moose knuckle from a women’s magazine
(as a female exciter)
I’m not your average little stay at home
but some freaky supernatural
delighter oooo

I got my keys
to your city
I got the love of girls
so far and wide
and way too pretty
I’m the man of the hour
with his finger right
right on your power

I’m a false positive
at a hundred degrees
laser eyes like kryptonite
to do what I please….

I’m a man of steel
not a bird
or a plane
but something
kind of real

I’m a man of steel
I’m a man of steel
I’m a man of steel
so hold me close darling
and tell me how it feels
I’m a man of steel

Scomber 2009

"Man of Steel (False Positive SuperHero)"
by ScOmBer

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