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Miss her one more Day

uploaded: Sat, Feb 28, 2009 @ 7:11 PM
FeaturingPanu Moon & FedEx
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This new song a day bizzo is not entirely a good idea.
I’m finding myself reading old yellow newspapers and striking up conversations with complete strangers in the street in the hope of turning up some inspiration.

One solution was assembling Scomber’s house band “TheUs” this weekend at our favorite subterranean place “the cave”.
Its a local sandstone cave that opens out to about the size of a small church; the downside is that you need to wipe the bat guano off your instruments at the end of the gig and someone always draws the short straw carrying the generator the 2 miles through the bush from the nearest car park.
Once we get there with a cold beer its all worth it though and the only neighbors to complain have fur or scales.

Radiotimes recently uploaded a Panu remix and marveled at the convenience of modern technology.
We did it the old fashioned way though.
We arranged to abduct Panu from one of his favorite watering holes just outside Atlanta, have him boxed up and sent downunder 1st class FedEx. He arrived a little cranky but after we cut a few airholes in the box and poured some local beer through one hole he settled down quite quickly.
After transporting him to the cave, we dropped a mic through the larger of the breathing holes and got him to sing along with the band to the beat of the dripping water from the cave ceiling.

After we had finished with him we sent him back to Atlanta the same way but labeled the box “Classic Coke” so no one would interfere with him in transit. My apologies Mrs Moon, but you have a fine man there in that box.
This is what we recorded, and I guess its song 19 of the $365 it cost me to ship out Panu and send him back towards the US unblemished.

Scomber 2009

PS plenty of fresh material so I’m now feeling much better about my selfdestructive challenge ;-0

"Miss her one more Day"
by Scomber

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