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I'm a Starman (Stems, Loops & Preview)

uploaded: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 @ 1:25 AM last modified: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 @ 1:47 AM  (add)
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I woke up this morning with a persistent and sharp hook caught in my top lip.
Before I was reeled in by the coffee machine I laid down the basics in the studio before I forgot it.
Here are the stems and loops for my song of the day, “I’m a Starman”
Its progressive space/electro/funk porn I’m guessing. I had lots of fun though.
You can listen to the full mix on my bandcage page.

There are 13 files;
1. a preview of the full song
2. a Synth/clav groove loop that really is the basis of the song.
3. The panning poly synth pad bridge triplets
4. The basic straight funk drum loop that forms the beat for the verses.
5. A robot inspired beat that sits at the intro
5. A “hung up” funk beat that is used in the bridge and break.
6. A scratchy urban break beat that I made which reminds me of a broken joystick on the ships spacedrive
7. The bass loop
9. The synth fill progression that links the bridge to other bits.
10. Synth solo 1. Lots of bendy fun.
11. Synth solo 2. Nearly the same as above but with some appeg at the end.
12. The computer sounding synth talk
13. The midi file for any geeks out there.
Most of the midi sounds are created via hardware patch thrus, so probably won’t sound right in a software environment - so the midi file is best for arrangement only (or the notes/BPM).

The pellas are uploaded here. (wet & dry)

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it.
I guess its song 17 of the next 263 parsecs before I reach Andromeda
Scomber x

Heres the words;

“I’m a Starman”

Helmet all shiny
and visor all clean
sent a message to my girl
I’m downloading thru some android queen

no word down below
thru smoke and haze unseen
but between my legs
sits a Twenty Third Century loving machine

cause I’m a Starman
fighten those wars
for a faceless man

cause I’m a Starman
wipin nasty green slime
from the darkened side
the best I can
fightn space crime
for the common man

(is that a laser in your pocket
or are you just pleased to see me
my little green friend?)

I’ve been floatn in the corner
with the thing I have to kill!
I’ve been surfing the aurora
with a laser and a cyanide pill!
I got my notes from moonman
to flush out some green guys
and be back to base for dinner
with some burgers and some fries
cause I’m a Starman!
cause I’m a Starman
cause I’m a Starman!
fightn crime
and cheating time
from my old tin can

(warp speed Chewy)

I took an upload
from the daughter
of the last man down on earth
who stroked a moondog that I’d bought her
with an antique blow up smurf

her mother was a test tube
all glass and clear and fine
and maybe I should call her
syncopate my time?

Cause I’m Starman
got a phaser for a toothbrush
a blackhole for my garbage can

I wear Orion on my shoulder
I’m a Starman
so crap your stinkn alien arse
I’m about to own ya!


shootn thru some wormhole
requesting now to land
I’ve got some credits in my Paypal
and some Visa for some snortn sand
Just clear my spot and fill my pot
in the bar that we all know
and spray that thing with a dozen breasts
turn up the beat and start the show

cause I’m a Starman!

24 hours leave
causn some grief
the best I can


Scomber 2009
asongaday 17 of 365

"I'm a Starman (Stems, Loops & Preview)"
by ScOmBer

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