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The Day I Went Insane

uploaded: Thu, Feb 5, 2009 @ 11:11 PM
FeaturingThe 3am Association
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It’s the day I went insane.
A song about indecent obsession.

You have probably noticed that I have uploaded a lot of stuff to CCM in the last few months.
RT reckoned I have a sausage machine attached to my DAW as a plugin.

I was having a look at Calendar Songs and I got hit on the head by the wave of day.

I have set myself the challenge of producing/writing or remixing a CC licensed track each and every day for the next 365 days.
I’ll exclude weekends and public holidays or if the surf is over 6ft and blowing offshore.
I’ve organised a producer (a proper one) that is determined to release a new album on iTunes and other like sites every month until I (or him) have a nervous breakdown.
I don’t really care if we don’t sell a single track, but to use that stupid cliche - its all about the journey.
This a call for colabs.

I’ll load the stems and the pells and if well received, (and lawyers are friendly) we will release a remix album also to the same schedule. Royalty splits by mutual agreement.
The tracklist on each CD will be determined by the number of recommendations each track receives on this site.
Democracy and lunacy all rolled into one.

This is the first track to start the year. So please feel free to comment, recommend or flame my preposterous idea.
A website will be up by next week.

Scomber x

Here’s the words to todays track, I suppose , aptly named “The day I went Insane”. Thanks to The 3am Association.
Any girls out there please don’t worry I’m making it up as I go along….
Percussion from hitting things that I found in my kitchen.

I met her there down in Foxhole Lane
where the air is thick
and the barflies lame
I didn’t care enough to ask her name
I was feeln kind of good
all just the same

And though I really didn’t get that far
started sleepn in my clothes
and livin in my car
Cause thats the day that I went insane
I had her kisses on my neck
an ashtray full of change…

I started out with my record clean
in the threads of a model from a womens magazine
but since I met her
I can hardly scream
her noise is get louder
can I show you what I mean?

Don’t get be wrong
I’m not shaking for a scene
most guys would love her
and keep shaved and clean
Its not the woman that I’m here to blame
but the sights and the sounds
the day I went insane

She loves me,
she loves me not?
Peter picked a pepper in his purple parking spot
She loves me,
She loves me not?

She called the cops
and an intervention team
they had a white van
with a sparking machine
A backward jacket
like they wear in France
and dragged me down her road in her underpants

She loves me hot
she loves me kind of mean
Hey bud we’ve been going steady for close to week
I have a feeln I’ve been caught in between
Now I’m the pinup boy
cold son of a bitch
in the latest issue of
Stalking Magazine

Cause thats the day I went insane.
Yeah yeah

Hey doc
can turn it up to eleven and give me another zap?
and pass me another cigarette
before I take my nap…

The day I went insane

The day I went insane…

"The Day I Went Insane"
by ScOmBer

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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