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Technicolor Lover (May I rot in hell)

uploaded: Tue, Feb 3, 2009 @ 6:11 AM
FeaturingThe Spirit of Light and a can of chartreuse paint
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When I was eighteen I went out with a slightly older woman ..ehmmm….
a much more experienced woman - a refined and rather flunky art professor and now quite well recognized in the art world.
To quote my song

“a white hot, pink spot - sqweal’n old bag -
nectar scented, hot blooded camelion”
I’m so sorry M.

She painted nudes for a living and one evening she lured me back to her studio and convinced me to model for her nude. A skinny Rubens I ask?
The sex was so crazy that afterwards I agreed to pose for her 30 students the next day.
Not quite as comfortable as its sounds though…
There should be a law against this.
Thankfully my only memory of that day is shrinking these days.
Near the end of the relationship, I could only see in black and white.

This track happened very quickly as I lay covered in chartreuse paint making random starfishes on an over sized piece of butchers paper on my studio floor tonight with my beautiful girlfriend Belinda.
I added some bonus porn with some organ, EP and a razor lead for that extra zing.
Thanks Spirit of the Light!
I’ve seen it!
This song is my plea for help!
I’ll post the pell and the other parts (plus midi) when I recover.
Way too much fun with my mate called Dorian. The pella is here and the instrumental stems are here.

I’ve been knockn at your window
and your cellar door
I’ve found the key
to your heart
that has been used before

Your my icecream
your my flavoring
your some charity’s hoare
and you got to change your pages
like the guys that you’ve drawn

Oh (yeah) technicolor lover

just a spill me like another mixed up fan
I’m walkn at that door all stained again!
- a man of color.

Oh…. Oh (bup bup) stroke it (new brushes please)
pull your canvas close to mine
and dim those lights and draw those blinds (sweet mama and registered pupils)
Nothin else to uncover

technicolor lover
go easy up ladies
(there should be a law against this)

Have you been painting town with another man?
cause am I wash’n all your fine red brushes with sugar soap daily oh baby

just as fast as I can…

oh technicolor lover
technicolor lover

look out for that white hot, pink spot - sqwealn old bag -
nectar scented, hot blooded camelion
maybe I’ve seen the reflection from that girl next door
that my heart should be healing…

technicolor lover

Oh no, here we go again
does this pain ever wash off?
What the hell do you call this color?
Chartreuse! - of yellow black and green?

pull your pallet close to mine
and color me like no other
technicolor lover
you got a world here
to discover

technicolor lover
(oh blimey its cold)

Now I hear that Rubens just got laid in France
but Thomas Gainsborough missed his chance
Andy Warlow paints in pairs
and that earless Vincent strokes with stares
Now my sunflowers are getting pretty sore
let me hold those brushes up to your Cheetah
now look away please girls
pass on that prime salt peter.
I’m showing you
I’m a technicolor lover

f*ck uhhh

where’s the exit to this place?
technicolor lover

hey are you color blind or something?
technicolor lover
I just can’t pull this face
for a moment longer - technicolor lover

Please Sir, call the art police
Or my worried mother.
But please don’t block those safety Doors.
Please help me Jim
Beam me up Scotty.
I can’t hold it any longer…

"Technicolor Lover (May I rot in hell)"
by Scomber

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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