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Jazz Anno Domini (Scene 3 - The Time Machine) - Blue Lips, Loose Hips

uploaded: Tue, Nov 11, 2008 @ 4:15 AM last modified: Thu, Nov 13, 2008 @ 5:52 AM  (add)
FeaturingAnchor Méjans
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This track forms Scene 3 of InteractiveStageshow’s “Blue Lips, Loose Hips”;
an online and catastrophic attempt to re-entry a disabled and burning shuttle back safely to earth or at least into the Hudson river on its way to Broadway.

I know its a bit slower than the intro, but now the producers have got the audience naked and a picture of them is being projected onto the ceiling of the theater and beaming via satellite to the real “Anchor” and “Scomber”….
it’s time to release the nitrous oxide into the smoke machine….
Really,(just kidding) this track is meant to be an aural reflection of Anchor’s journey through time, and along the way realizing that some things change but others remain the same -
except in 1509 if the crowd didn’t like your new dance album the consequences were a little different than today.

Eugene (our guy on the cymbals) has pulled a rather large thesaurus out of his trousers and has told us that “Anno Domini” means “A.D”. You know; “after death” -the years since Jim Morrison passed away. Before the Doors it was B.C. and everyone was trapped within a Flintstones cartoon.

Words up shortly; our production bunker is busily trying to decode Anchor’s cryptic lyrics and hidden code.

Meanwhile, that bloody Scomber has some girl on the rooftop teaching him to play the flute. (he can be heard at one point during this song DH) Some groupie gets to play the flute so Where’s my LUTE MATE!

Scomber’s very cranky production assistant.
The rest of the underpaid crew are posting the intro sample and pella - fun and games on Level 13.

Wayne King

Assistant DP
Scomber Productions Ltd

[BLACKBERRY EXECUTIVE EDIT] Plenty of requests for the instrumental so I’ve added it now. The bar is now open guys Thanks!
I’ll be down in sec -
Linda please alter Eugene’s access code to the rooftop access immediately)

"Jazz Anno Domini (Scene 3 - The Time Machine) - Blue Lips, Loose Hips"
by ScOmBer

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