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Mikes Final journey

uploaded: Sat, Dec 27, 2008 @ 6:44 AM
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Mike an android travelling through space to see his robot girlfriend.
Unbeknown to him the ships navigational computer system has malfunctioned, there is no indication of this on the ships instrumentation. Verbal warnings go unheeded, messages although picked up by the ships recording log didn’t get through to Mike.
Travelling through uncharted territory the ship is pulled into a mighty force field which starts to drain Mike’s power. All Mike can think and talk about is seeing his beautiful robot girlfriend. However this was not meant to be as you will hear from the signal transmitted by the ships flight recorder.
We believe listening to the transmission that the ship eventually came through unscathed and is presently drifting light years away in some distant galaxy, and that Mike at the end was happy.
Sadly nothing was ever heard about Mike or his robot girlfriend.

"Mikes Final journey"
by Rewob

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