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In My Dreams

uploaded: Sun, Jun 25, 2006 @ 12:57 PM last modified: Fri, Jan 12, 2007 @ 11:11 AM  (add)
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While playing with some chords this one came out.
Text and vocals are performed by my wife.

For our version and for the text of this song feel free to surf here: http://blog.rewired.de/2006/06/25/in-my-dreams/
See "How I Did It"

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  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - chorus_dub.mp3 (715.84KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse1_1.mp3 (444.64KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse1_1dub.mp3 (470.13KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse1_2.mp3 (442.60KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse1_2_dub.mp3 (461.46KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse1_endover1.mp3 (885.08KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse1_endover2.mp3 (869.28KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse2.mp3 (888.14KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams - verse2_dub.mp3 (895.27KB)
  • /Xport-CCMixter/In My Dreams.mid (3.07KB)

"In My Dreams"
by rewired

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