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Twilight 2009 PeaceMix (ft. Teru + Colab)

uploaded: Sun, Jan 11, 2009 @ 7:48 AM
byIvan Chew
Featuringteru, colab
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A piece inspired by Teru’s remix, topped off with Colab’s bassline. Teru’s “Myxtery” mix (where he used Colab’s bass and synth pad tracks) really had a more “twilight” feel than what I originally envisioned. Initially I wanted to add an electric guitar track to this remix. But after I added in my percussions and choir (software), I decided the track was better off without any guitars. It would have spoiled the “twilight” mood - the magical time between daylight and darkness.

"Twilight 2009 PeaceMix (ft. Teru + Colab)"
by Ivan Chew

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