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I'm Fine (How Are You?) - remix 1 .mp3

uploaded: Fri, Oct 19, 2007 @ 6:57 AM
Featuringnarva9, orang_redux_777
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I’ve attempted to preserve the haunting quality of narva9’s beautiful lyrics and her sense of “ironic,” yet reverential and spiritual commentary.

This remix uses overlapping lyric lines, 4 part voice (w reverb and “flat” with slight EQ,) two minimalistic, background drum/sfx tracks, and a simple synth line.

192 kbps, 8.8 MB.

I really love your voice, narva, It shows a great deal of sensitivity and nuance. And your lyrics are both contemporary and timeless, not something which is, IMO, easy to accomplish.

You are very talented, narva. Please take this affirmation to heart.

A superb job on your part.

/.\ O /.\

"I'm Fine (How Are You?) - remix 1 .mp3"
by orang_redux_777

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