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Never Stop Rising

uploaded: Sun, Oct 31, 2021 @ 7:31 AM last modified: Sun, Oct 31, 2021 @ 7:32 AM  (add)
byKara Square
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It’s an absolute pleasure to draw 7OOP3D for a Secret Mixter. All of the music in this piece is from their instrumental “Halspilz.” Thank you to 7OOP3D for sharing your music on ccMixter since 2006! Dude. 15 years!

p.s. Here are the vocal stems.


We like to pretend
We know how it ends
We like to imagine
Stability that does not exist
The only certainty
Has always been uncertainty
And the only control
We actually have
Is how we respond
To that which we cannot control

So when we’re forced to face
The inevitable
We must choose how to respond

We can retreat
Wallow in sadness
Resign to festering fear
Allow deep depression to overtake us
Submit to the suffering

We can do some of that
We can do all of that
We can even choose to do none of that

If we can manage
If we can get past
The senseless suffering
We put ourselves through
We can choose
To rise

Extending our arms
To the unknown
Finding peace in the uncertainty
Noticing the change
That is always happening
Embracing perpetual curiosity
Taking in this moment
The only moment that exists
We rise

From the roots of our past
We rise

From the strength of our resilience
We rise

Extending our arms to the unknown
We rise

And I believe
I believe
I believe
We never stop rising

"Never Stop Rising"
by Kara Square

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