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A Whispered Joke

uploaded: Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 6:42 AM
byKara Square
Featuringurmymuse, robwalkerpoet
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Here’s a stream of consciousness type pondering inspired by comments on other Music & Identity submissions. I loved urmymuse’s “the loneliness of the long distance vegetarian” when I first heard it and decided to see if this poem would feel right with it… Then I got extra lucky when robwalkerpoet’s beautiful “Takeda (a Japanese lullaby)” fit nicely in the mix. Thank you both for sharing your music!

Ever seen “Zoolander”? You know that scene where he’s looking in a puddle on the street and says “Who am I?” Very silly. So this is also inspired by that. I hope you dig this mix…

Here’s a link to the PELL

Who am I?
We often joke in a silly whisper
When a new side of ourselves is revealed
Seemingly out of nowhere

But really, who am I?

A temporary being in a temporary world
A little sliver of this ever changing, never changing cycle
Nothing, Life, Death, Nothingness…
Or maybe even somethingness

Anyway… really, who am I?

Am I defined by my skin, my anatomy, who I love?
My socioeconomic status, political points of view?
My mental capacity, mental illness?
My culture, family?

What I eat, with whom I sleep?
What I believe religiously?

Am I defined by my past, present, future?
My dreams, my failures?
My strengths, my fears?

Who am I?
We often whisper as a joke

Who am I?
A person.
Just a person.

Who are you?

"A Whispered Joke"
by Kara Square

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