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Stems- Banjo the Ferret Song

uploaded: Fri, Aug 20, 2010 @ 8:44 AM last modified: Fri, Aug 20, 2010 @ 9:22 AM  (add)
byKara Square
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A box, bag, and note were left at our house. What followed was an unplanned adventure with… a ferret. So I wrote this little song to tell the story. It would be fun if anyone would like to play with the stems…

Here’s a link to the original video.


Wednesday night
We had a little fright
As we pulled into our driveway
There was a box in sight
A bag of food and a note
The note said Banjo the ferret’s inside

Banjo was abandoned
In 90 degree summer heat
Banjo was abandoned
Who could be so mean?

When we opened the box
Pencil holes on the top
And duct tape securing the lid
The tape was loose
The water dish flipped
Inside there was no ferret

Banjo was abandoned
And Banjo had made her escape!
Banjo was abandoned
Who could be such a creep?

We left out water and food
And we left the scene
Until the next evening
When we searched again
And called her name
As we put out food
Around the corner she came!

Banjo was abandoned
She escaped and she came back!
Banjo was abandoned
Does anyone want a ferret?

We had a lot of fun with this little song about Banjo. But Banjo is a real life ferret. And whoever abandoned Banjo is a real life coward. It wasn’t hard to call up HOFA- Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue. In fact, they came to pick up Banjo within a couple days. Now Banjo’s in ferret foster care until they find loving home to adopt her. Please be responsible. Please only take in animals that you can take care of. If you can no longer provide for your pet, find it a loving home or find an awesome animal shelter. Leaving it at someone’s door is just stupid and unpredictable. Thank you, HOFA. Thank you, you. And good night.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Part One- Vocals, Banjo,

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  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partONE/1vox.wav (15.67MB)
  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partONE/xylo93.L.wav (15.67MB)
  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partONE/xylo93.R.wav (15.67MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Part Two- bass, clap beat

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  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partTWO/1bass.R.wav (15.67MB)
  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partTWO/1clap.L.wav (15.67MB)
  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partTWO/1clap.R.wav (15.67MB)
  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partTWO/groove93.L.wav (15.67MB)
  • /Banjo_Stems-MMT-partTWO/groove93.R.wav (15.67MB)

"Stems- Banjo the Ferret Song"
by Kara Square

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