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Podcast Profiles - J. Lang

uploaded: Tue, Dec 1, 2009 @ 6:51 PM
byMC Jack in the Box
FeaturingJ. Lang
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First off, thanks to Snowflake and the crew at ATM for bumping up the file size limit for uploads. As a result, I thought I’d upload the new podcast I just put together featuring J. Lang.

so full disclosure, this is a podcast featuring J’s attributed tracks, as opposed to a “remix”. Might be worth adding a podcast submit option if the file limit is now 50mb. This is about 37mb, and plays for just under a half hour.

or if i’m ruffling anyone’s feathers, I can delete it. Just thought it might be a good opportunity for more short podcasts to be uploaded intact.

"Podcast Profiles - J. Lang"
by MC Jack in the Box

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