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Go Wit Me ( A Cappella)

uploaded: Thu, Jun 26, 2008 @ 9:04 PM
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Another one for the mixters.

Go Wit Me… (anyone?)

Go Wit Me

Written by Kawaski “KCentric” Nelson

Chorus 2x:

I make music even if you don’t like me

Better excite me or else you gon’ bite me

And If you bite me at least I’ve been bitten

Just add my style and lyrics and you’re smitten

I’m the K and yes I don’t play I mean no

Cause yall just might go

Go wit me

Go wit me

Go wit me

Verse 1

Bang bang goes the beat of my drum

Let the drummer get some or I might get dumb

And if I got dumb you still wanna get some

Up in your earhole I think I wanna hear some

KCentric music dude I’m like do this

I’m so official man and you knew this

I’m coming live from the 334

On a King’s detour ya never seen before

Hey, don’t ya like it how take it to the street (street)

And turn around and get crazy with the beat (beat)

I make music for the whirl like I’m John P

And give it back to the world like I’m Ghandi

In other words I’m ahead of my of my time see

and When I’m done go ahead and rewind me

Or fast forward either way ya gone explore it

Before I lose ya let me take ya to the chorus

Chorus 2x:

Verse 02

Welcome all to the space boy sideshow

Slash gospel yall ain’t even got no

Category to even describe my

Post solution to this hip-hop pollution

Hate to say it but I think it’s got me homesick

So I had to come back and try and change it

Rearrange it, in other words do up

What you knucklehead rappers try to screw up

Give up mane you ain’t got stop me

My opinion is ta go ahead and rock me

Cuz when it hits you man it’s gone rock me

Like Apollo Creed and Mickey told Rocky

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to sound cocky

But even Mean Joe Green can’t block me

So here kid let my throw you my jersey though

Signed on the back is a K and three thirty foe

Chorus 2x:


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"Go Wit Me ( A Cappella)"
by KCentric

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