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Slippershell (polite)

uploaded: Sun, Jan 20, 2008 @ 12:55 PM
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Some people would argue that it’s egotistical or self-defeating for one to make music purely to please themselves and then post it on the WWW. Some would go so far as to imply that such people are mere charlatans. I for one would argue that those people are very wrong and ignorant fot making that assumption.

Let my previous attempt to remix KH’s song stand as a monument to just what happens when I consciously try to impress people. Things fall apart, and usually in the worst way possible. There might be some people out there who can balance their own ambition with their objectivity, but I’m not one of those people. For me, it’s either one extreme or the other.

So when I sat down to work on a new remix, I said to myself “F##k it! This is MY mix! MY track! The whole project revolves entirely around ME! What do I want MY remix to sound like?” Perhaps not the most open attitude one could take, but it’s all I could do to clear my head and just get on with it.

For this mix, I took my inspiration from () by Sigur Ros. This track is by far the less daring of the two, but I think that the overall better flow and vibe should more than make up for that.

"Slippershell (polite)"
by jaspertine

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