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My Mother Is Janet Jackson

uploaded: Wed, Apr 13, 2011 @ 2:08 PM
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In 3 MINUTES, J.Mitchell aka JStrike talk about life events using 153 song titles as words from 8 albums in chronological order of release (1986-2008) from the pop legend Janet Jackson, one of the worlds biggest icons in music history.
The ALL NEW SINGLE entitled “MY MOTHER IS JANET JACKSON” is the official second solo release by upcoming singer/rapper/songwriter/producer sensation J.Mitchell also known as JStrike.

“MY MOTHER IS JANET JACKSON” is performed by J.Mitchell for JStrike Entertainment.
Produced by Conscious for A Conscious Music Group/ CNK Productions.
Recorded & Mixed at the GroundZero Studio.


JSTRIKE (Produced by Conscious)

I’m the chosen one
I got control for those who missed out
The son of a king and a queen
Once a slave child
A born prodigy
The woman who birthed me
Doesn’t know I’m alive so please
Question what have you done for me
Lately nasty cause
When I think of you
Too vividly
You beating me with the iron spoon
Wait a while, heal, trauma kicks
I’d cry myself to sleep nah you can’t be mine
My pleasure principle exceeded that of a child
Funny how time flies

State of the world
No longer a rhythm nation
So made a pledge to make
Real music for TV stations
Despite my race
Livin’ in a world they didn’t make
Knowledge that I already paid
For adults mistakes
My escapade involves no acid
Let’s dance cause someday is tonight
Soon to be clubaholic
And allergic to black cats
Feeling ugly miss you much
Ain’t nobody truly knows me
Love will never do come back cause I’m lonely

New agenda in the early morning
After sweet dreams
Again that you’re back
And my life has a happy end
So what’ll I do you know
Happiness don’t rain it pours
But because of love I feel like
No one really truly loves me no more
But that’s the way love goes
Tryin to be a good boy
Distractions at hand
Gets my mind off another lover
Racism, Funky Big Bands
In the mood if you want this,
Anytime, anyplace
Hold on babe boo
You can have the body that loves you

My needs go deep
Losing sleep and feelin empty
Memory choking my heart
Like a noose made of Velvet rope
Getting lonely, failing hope
Full of distraught and I’ve had it
My cousins and I got together again
HMV there discovered Janet
Twisted elegance
What about online biograph
Had to fasten my seatbelt to Sad and spiritual gardens
Now realize every time I’ve got rope burn
Free xone tonight’s the night it’s official
You’re the only one in the world who makes me feel special
And it can’t be stopped

Sky full of clouds
Begging for sun
All I wanna see is better days
Without them son of a guns
Tryin to get me outro
You ain’t right
Messin with white lies
If you submitted to tell the truth
Then you wouldn’t have to trust a try
Theory it’s only 2wayforyou
Doesn’t really matter I come and get up
To find someone to call my love would you mind
It feels so right once had a china love scene when we oooo’d
Such a shame so lame lasted as long as an intro

Spending time with you
Every hour is magic hour
An R&B Junkie like me
Is satisfaction
I know what it
Means to feel slolove
Strawberry bouncing sexhibition
Like nights at the Exhibition
Warmth of island life
All nite don’t stop my baby
Moist don’t act like you don’t love me
Just a lil while I thought bout my ex
Had attitude like Damita Jo
From the country not looking for love
When It all comes down to love you’re the one

Over 20 years old
Trying to understand why
You’d wanna harm this body of mine
When my surrogate tried
Love to love not what you’re thinking of
But you’ll do it to me like the others done
With you it can’t be
All that I am makes me happy
Daybreak is a new day
Need a friend call on me
But please get out of me
You don’t show me respect
I’m not 20, I’m grown with
So much to look for in effect
So farewell take care
Cause I enjoy every breath

Good morning JJ, I’m 28
And make no mistake
I still luv spinnin rollercoasters
And the occasional bathroom break
Went to the rockwitchu tour
Got a Mohawk didn’t copy you
I swear like truth or dare
Still got you on my play selection
No greatest X never letchu go
Cause of you I’m so much betta
Know the meaning
Performing 2nite ID
what’s your name 4 words
JStrike is the one
Discipline for critics
Feedback can’t be good
Breakin my back but in fact
They should know better
My mother is Janet Jackson

"My Mother Is Janet Jackson"

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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