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Adding Up To Nothing

uploaded: Mon, Jun 30, 2014 @ 4:27 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 @ 2:54 AM  (replace)
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Just a song I did for the Song Fight Circle of Titles IV soiree.

EDIT, January 2020: While going through my stuff here I came to realize that I never updated this with the final version of the song from the album I put it on. The album version is cleaned up and way better-sounding, and also it has a bassline that was inspired by Martijn de Boer’s lovely remix of the original. I didn’t use any of his additions/recordings in this but I still feel it necessary to give him credit in some way, since the idea of the bassline is what really made this song work in the end and made it album-worthy.

Also I eventually came to realize that this song is about having ADHD.
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: album version stems

  • /backing vocals.flac (7.85MB)
  • /bass.flac (3.76MB)
  • /bell synth.flac (2.84MB)
  • /drums.flac (11.79MB)
  • /guitar.flac (13.50MB)
  • /pad.flac (318.15KB)
  • /slow pad.flac (750.86KB)
  • /violins.flac (319.13KB)
  • /vocals.flac (6.47MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: vocals

  • /vocals v1 dry.wav (3.43MB)
  • /vocals v1 fx.wav (4.46MB)
  • /vocals v2 dry.wav (3.37MB)
  • /vocals v2 fx.wav (4.46MB)
  • /vocals v3 dry.wav (3.21MB)
  • /vocals v3 fx.wav (3.96MB)
  • /vocals v4 dry.wav (3.46MB)
  • /vocals v4 fx.wav (3.96MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: guitar mixed

  • /guitar mixed.wav (27.71MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: guitar parts

  • /guitar direct dry.wav (27.71MB)
  • /guitar mic dry.wav (27.21MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: looped parts

  • /strings.wav (4.96MB)
  • /percussion.wav (23.46MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: chorus fx

  • /chorus v1.wav (3.21MB)
  • /chorus v2.wav (3.46MB)
  • /chorus v3.wav (5.71MB)
  • /chorus v4.wav (5.46MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: chorus dry

  • /chorus dry v1.wav (2.73MB)
  • /chorus dry v2.wav (2.73MB)
  • /chorus dry v3.wav (5.23MB)
  • /chorus dry v4.wav (5.00MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: calming pad

  • /calming pad.wav (3.71MB)

"Adding Up To Nothing"
by fluffy

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