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Shine Through (ReDucktion Mix)

uploaded: Sat, Aug 10, 2019 @ 10:54 PM
FeaturingScomber, Snowflake
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Since Scomber’s lyrics are fairly personal and intimate, I thought a more stripped-down setting would help them “shine through”, ha-ha. I didn’t listen to anything but the vocals (awesome backing by Emily as usual) as I didn’t want to get preconceived notions before working on it. I’m not totally satisfied with the arrangement (could’ve worked more variety/breadth into the instrumentation and dynamics), but them deadlines.. anyway, I’m not totally ashamed of how it turned out. I also used a plugin I built myself on the EP and guitar tracks, a comb-filter-based phaser I’m calling Combellish (to be released as freeware when the warts are off). Hope y’all like!

"Shine Through (ReDucktion Mix)"
by duckett

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