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uploaded: Mon, Oct 13, 2008 @ 4:45 PM
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I really wasn’t sure about uploading this, since the combined effects of having to manually hold and adjust distance on-the-fly with a cheapo Radio Shack boundary mic (you know, those trapezoidal-shaped ones?), and my less-than-stellar ability to actually sing (although some of the wobblier and more strained aspects are kinda intentional, to reflect the emotional content of the lyrics), might make for some serious cringe-factor (never mind the outrageously obvious influence of a certain famous Irish vocalist).
But- a very trusted pair of ears got to hear this before the rest of you, and said I should upload it… so here it is. I got inspired by listening to Anchor Mejans’ “ATLAS”, and came up with my own personal take on the fantastic sample provided by khidir (my apologies)…
Lyrics are:

On distant wings you sail
Beckoning, over the horizon
Wounds carefully covered,
So close yet so far-
Fear the light of the moon
As it’s rising
Compartmented and controlled,
A freedom that you cannot hold-
The regret that grows never old

by duckett

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