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It's Only Me

uploaded: Fri, Feb 5, 2016 @ 4:24 AM last modified: Fri, Feb 5, 2016 @ 4:35 AM  (add)
byDonnie Ozone
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microphone check um microphone check it
this is how it sounds when i’m spinning on a record
this is how it sounds when i’m up for getting down
the record spins around as the needle presses down
keep a steady flow cause the currents don’t stop
like Logan Whitehurst - I Want To Rock
rhyme every day when i’m walking down the block
when it comes to rhymes i have a whole lot
when it comes to raps i have a whole stack
record at home right on the four track
turn up compression, turn up the levels
turn up the bass boom, turn up the treble
play the drum machine like a one man band
i make my own tracks footprints in the sand
now you could try to stop me but you’re too shoddy
everyone can hear my voice echo down the block, see
all of my neighbors’ beady eyes all around me
right here in brooklyn in the place where you found me
watch the brain sparks from the top of the mind
in sync with the beat cause i’m always on time
there’s no pressure there’s no stress
i always look great but i always play less
every day i swear that i am blessed
so i’ve gotta give thanks like it’s money in the bank
i do it for fun i’m not looking for checks
don’t walk around with gold around my neck
always walk around with a pair of headphones
as i listen the bass boom it will move me on
keep me feeling happy in a habitat that’s shabby
if you see me walking then you can call me shaggy
gotta lotta hair cause i let it grow wild
been rockin freestyles since i was a child
underneath the street lamp middle of the night
went to the club but i only saw a fight
went back home grabbed the pen and the paper
cooked up some rhymes caught a whiff of the vapors
ever since then i’ve been catching the beat
and it sounds so sweet yeah it sounds so unique
it’s the sound of the street so i have to take a leap
into the future that i see inside my heart It’s Only Me

"It's Only Me"
by Donnie Ozone

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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