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Mad Summer Nights Pastiche - City Beach

uploaded: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 @ 6:19 AM
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Mad Summer Nights Pastiche – City Beach
Imagine a beach by the city. A hot summer night. A city full of people with different hopes and dreams, moving to different rhythms, with their different ideas of the perfect summer day. For some it is to unwind with a beach walk on a quiet summer morning, for others it is to enjoy the heartbeat of the city and all it has to offer. Summer evokes a sense of freedom – to play on the beach, to swim in the ocean, to dance in a night club, to cruise the city streets in a hotted up car. There is music and traffic, the sound of gently lapping waves and shrieks of delight at the icy coolness of plunging into the ocean on a hot muggy evening. There is the promise of relaxation tinged with the annoyance of constant city noise – the thump of music, the roar of cars and the wail of sirens; the repetitive tunes of slot machines. Nature and its soothing sounds versus the satanic voices of the concrete jungle on a mad summer night at City Beach.

I included two samples from Freesound but wasn’t able to search them and add via sources. I included corsica-s’s ‘Summer 1’ and john-sipos’s ‘Beach goers and surf’

I also included some samples from my audio poems ‘Backwards’ and ‘Beach’

"Mad Summer Nights Pastiche - City Beach"
by debbizo

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