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I had to replace the A Cappella file but had trouble uploading it here. So you will now find it here.


Scars are the post-it notes of pain
they remember and remind us
each little hurt flutters and inflames
spells out initials carved in skin
revives the bitterness of shame
traces soft silver furrows
of pregnancy’s slow stretch
holds the pattern of knitted flesh
against lacerations of memory.

Some scars are kept hidden
others proudly displayed.
Still, scars mar, blemish, disfigure and deface
speak of names and symbols
sliced or lasered from the skin of ankles, arms, wrists.

Scars are signs of trespass
of accidental wounds, deliberate slashes
episiotomies, surgery
love, loss.

A scar is an emblem of healing
we are the initiates of our scarring.
Scarred tissue is said to be stronger
and scars make us human
they enter us invisibly
never only skin deep.

(c) Deb Matthews-Zott
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by debbizo

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