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No Rainbows At 33

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byDown With Ben
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A friend of mine asked that I make them a song for their 33rd birthday. My friend has a really dark sense of humor.

Reading Rainbow and Gummy Bears influenced the tune in the melody and chorus, respectively.

(Verse 1)
Open up your eyes,
Life has nearly passed you by.
You better look around,
There’s so much to be found.
Where did the time go?

You could go anywhere.
But you won’t get far,
Reaching for the stars
Or chasing rainbows.

Life can be anything
You want it to be,
Until you’re 33
By then you are hosed.

(Chorus 1)
That’s right, you’re Thirty-three,
Seven years away from forty.
So many things you’ve yet to see,
But now you’re already 33.

(Verse 2)
You must realize
That you’re never gonna fly.
Get your head out of the clouds
Now make us proud
And let your dreams go.

No use complaining.
You’re too old for that,
Time to face the facts
And let your dreams go.

Who said that life was fair?
It wasn’t me,
Because at 33
It’s time to let your dreams go…

(Chorus 2)
That’s right, you’re 33.
I know it’s hard to face up to reality,
But you’re not young like when you were 23.
Now you are 33.
You are 33!

"No Rainbows At 33"
by Down With Ben

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