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The Music Is Multiplying @ Ccmixter

uploaded: Mon, Jul 30, 2012 @ 11:59 PM
FeaturingKungFu,Sackjo22,Snowflake,Stan Michael
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E/F#/A….. E/D/A…. A/E repeat

Snowflake did a remix of percussion track I had up. I took what she had and added instruments around that. I took some of her spoken word and put a melody to it and added a few more lyrics and sung that.

I asked Snowflake and Sackjo if they would like to add some harmonies and they complied(don’t you just love CCmixter). Snowflake wrote a chorus and sung that.

I had a friend Stan Michael do a male vocal line and then asked KungFu if he would like to do the spoken part from Snowflakes’ Free Hearts upload that is absolutely amazing.

"The Music Is Multiplying @ Ccmixter"
by copperhead

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