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IN A Groove

uploaded: Fri, Jul 16, 2010 @ 5:59 PM
FeaturingAnchor Méjans,Joe Hamiltion IV, Jen Dwyer
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I had the pleasure to work with the fabulous Anchor Méjans I asked him if he would be willing to collaborate on a tune and he accepted. We went back and forth with ideas until we had the finished product. We both took turns with the vocals.

I originally wrote the song to protest Ourstage removing one of my songs from competition.

Here’s the original. http://www.ourstage.com/tra... The sax is player by Joe Hamilton iv from Jazz the Ripper. http://www.ourstage.com/pro... Background vocal Jen Dwyer.

Lyrics mainly by Anchor Mejans, I added a few,

yeah I’m in a groove…

I’m gonna prove it
Watch how I move it
Move it

This song is going somewhere,
A past-life just won’t do,
No forces can deep six it
It is a total groove

Yeah yeah, yeah

I’m gonna prove it
Watch how I move it

Why put up a desperate fight?
(Auditory, sensation)

Just to keep my goal in sight.
(under consideration)

Binoculars and telescope
(Collaboration, deregulation)

Instruments designed to cope.
(For mass communication)

trains ,planes And ships at sea -
(planes And ships at sea)
(ships at sea)

Gonna get me
(gonna get me)
where I want to be…
(I want to be)

Maps and charts lines
East or West
X that spot my dear,
Follow arrows left and right
There is nothing you should fear.

Hair is raised up on my scalp
Like Hannibal, I cross the Alps
Like Napoleon resolved to win

I’m in a groove, baby
And a groove I’m in.

(Definition, groove,noun,a furrow, channeled or long hollow, especially one cut by a tool or something to fit into or a fixed routine in the affairs of life )

If I was Picasso – (Picaaaaassssssooooo).

I’d paint a picture
Just to show-

A painting full of life and love
Unveiled on Sunday
By flocks of doves

(Unveiled on Sunday
By flocks of doves)

(writers borrow and often take
Their purloined themes from Willy The Shake)

Or If I were
Ole’ Willy the Shake
(Willy the Shake)

I’d write a poem just for your sake…
And every word those mountains move

That’s how I’d prove
I am in a groove
That’s how I’d prove

I am in a groove man.

"IN A Groove"
by copperhead

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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