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Solito (Acapella)

uploaded: Sat, Jun 21, 2008 @ 7:06 PM
byHEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
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Blues song sang in Spanish. Half poem/half Spanish Trio. I always wanted to say something about what it must have been like to be black back when [with the greatest sympathy & high respect of course]—hence this song. For this performance I mixed a bit of 3 Spanish accents [Argentinian/Spaniard/Puerto Rican]since I wanted the whole ensamble to sound Spanish but not from a specific area. Hope you all like it. I certainly had fun singing this.

Written & Performed by COFFEEEUROPE

Alla en el rancho se sienta el negro
Es un dia gris
Lleno de palos secos
Costumbres sin razon
Un calor cansante de existencia miserable

Caen la hojas se muere el vivi
Dicen que se murio de agonia
Pero que quien demonios sabe si es asi?

Ya sopla la brisa
Y un frio que espelusa
Una tarde y un Abril

Aja jai…
Solito se quedo…
El negrito…
El negrito…
El negrito…
Solito se quedo …

Ya enterate…
Le han roto el alma
La alegria
La inquietud
El mismo empeno de ser ‘pa el

Ni la misma Rosa la plenera
De sonrisa pegajosa
Curvas de montes frescos
Bembas paridas de besos
O las mismas rosas que florecen para el
Ya nada le perfuma

No es culpa del calor
Ni de la maldita vaca que no da leche
No es culpa de los precios o del hambre
O del gallito espuelero que sangre derramo

No es culpa del cachorro que lo mira triste
Y lame sus mejillas
Ni Rosa la Plenera tiene la culpa
La culpa no es de una mujer
No es ni siquiera del amor
Es de un hombre igual que el

Florecen alla en el rancho los colores en Abril
Mas no hay negro en estos campos
Pues solito murio alli

Aja jai…
Solito se quedo…
Solito se quedo…
Solito se quedo…
Solito se quedo…

Written & Performed by Hektor thillet

Back in the ranch the black man sat down
It was a cloudy day full of bare trees
A mindless way of life
An exhausting heat of miserable existence

Leafs fell down and the living died out
They say he died of agony
But who the hell knows if that’s true?

Now blows the wind
And a cold chill that shivers
One afternoon and one April

Aja jai…
He ended up alone…
El negrito [humble black man]…
El negrito [humble black man]…
El negrito [humble black man]…
He ended up alone …

Be certain…
They broke his heart
His joy
His restlessness
The very urge to live for himself

No even Rosa the Plena dancer
Of addictive smiles
Curves like fresh mountains
Full lips that give birth to a hundred kisses
Or roses themselves that bloom just for him
Now nothing perfumes him

Is not the hot weather’s fault
Or the wretched cow who won’t give any milk’s fault
Rising prices are not to blame
Or hunger
Or the fighting cock who spilled its blood

The puppy that stares at him saddened
And licks his chin is not to blame
Not Even Rosa the Plena Dancer is to blame
Is not love’s fault either
But a man just like him

Colors bloom in Abril back in the ranch
But there’s no black in these place
For it died alone

Aja jai…
He ended up alone…
He ended up alone…
He ended up alone…
He ended up alone…

"Solito (Acapella)"
by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)

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