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C Minor

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byClarence Simpson
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This is a song that I wrote for my son shortly after he was released from the NICU after spending two months there as a preemie. He was born 2 months early, weighed just under 3 pounds, and we were told he was born with a super rare brain malformation (among other problems) that could mean that he may not survive very long.

He’s come a loooong way since then, and is now a healthy active toddler with no major issues. Even the brain malformation miraculously vanished (or as some of the doctors liked to say “was misdiagnosed”). But those early days were a roller coaster of emotions that we were only able to survive by the grace of God and the support of good friends and family.

I wanted to put some of his story into a song, and although there are no words I hope that it still manages to somehow give a glimpse into his first months of life.

The guitar is raw with no FX.

Oh, and for the musicians that hear this and say “wait a second, this song isn’t in the key of C Minor!”. I know. That’s actually a reference to my son, who is also a Clarence, and one of my favorite suggested nicknames for him. :)

"C Minor"
by Clarence Simpson

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