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The Earth Is My Church

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FeaturingPeriel Marr Stanfield
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The Earth Is My Church

Credits: Words & Music written by Periel Marr Stanfield
Recorded by Brad Stanfield - All instruments played by Brad Stanfield except live drums played by Dave Cohen. All vocals by Periel and Brad Stanfield.

These are the actual source tracks from the Freedom People album. No click grid so use live stereo drum track for rhythm guide - there is a verbal live count off at the top.



When I put on my Sunday best I proceed to get undressed

My holy temple requires no clothes No high heels, no panty hose

I’m not trying to be malicious heretical or sacrilegious

I’m not an atheist, it’s just the reverse I’m a human soul on a spiritual search

The earth is my church The earth is my church The earth is my church

The earth comes first

I don’t need no preacher man No Sunday school, no master plan

No fiery hell, no might swords No oxymoronic “holy” wars

I don’t want to burn the bible All I need for my survival

Is the sun, the sea, the sky, the dirt & that’s the whole story

The earth is my church The earth is my church The earth is my church

The earth comes first

At one with nature’s innocence The dolphins and the elephants

I kiss the trees, embrace the skies I harmonize with the butterflies

Freedom is the final fruition Of the fate of the human condition

Corruption of religion is history’s curse Universal love’s the only vision of worth

The earth is my church

"The Earth Is My Church"
by bradstanfield

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