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Earth sample pack

uploaded: Sun, Mar 21, 2010 @ 3:54 AM
FeaturingDaniel Cambier (bs) Mauro Durão (Tpt)
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Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Earth Sample pack\12 BAR GTRS.mp3 (867.45KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\16 BAR GTR 2.mp3 (1.13MB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\16 BAR GTR.mp3 (1.13MB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\32 BAR FATBASS.mp3 (2.25MB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\34 BAR TRUMPET.mp3 (2.39MB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\8 BAR GTR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\BASS1 8BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\BASS2 8BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\BASS3 8BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\BASS4 8BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM HIT.mp3 (147.04KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 1.mp3 (290.92KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 2.mp3 (290.92KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 3.mp3 (290.92KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 4.mp3 (290.92KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 5.mp3 (147.04KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 6.mp3 (147.04KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\DRUM LOOP 7.mp3 (290.92KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\ELECTROLOOP 10 BAR.mp3 (1.41MB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\HISEKENZ 8 BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\MISTERYLOOP 10 BAR.mp3 (723.57KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\SECRETLOOP 8 BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\SWEEP 4 BAR.mp3 (290.92KB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\VIOLINS 10 BAR.mp3 (1.41MB)
  • /Earth Sample pack\WIND ARP 8 BAR.mp3 (579.70KB)

"Earth sample pack"
by bigbonobo_combo

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