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uploaded: Sun, Nov 24, 2019 @ 12:09 AM
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I have missed the creative intensity of CC.Mixter, its been awhile since I have made any new contributions. But I was more than thrilled to have been paired with SackJo! I have always enjoyed Susan’s offerings and in the past have collaborated
with her a number of times and we have also interpreted each others lyrics. I feel a real kinship with the emotional tones of her vocals and her lyrics speak to me as well. My Secret-Mixter offering is a reworking of her piece “All The Time”. Her original lyrics are directed towards,in her words,”unprecedented divisiveness, upheaval, the threat of imminent climate collapse…” I pared them down to accommodate my musical backing, and in doing so I feel the message became more tinged with aspects of the questions and problems of harmony in personal relationships. The music is a piece by Per (Timberman). A few years ago I asked him for this particular track, which I love, and always intended to use, but never did, ‘till now. The finale of the song somehow indicates that a positive
resolution to relationships has blossomed. The use of Susan’s glossolalia - opera inspired ” Lamadio Tiado ” adds a life-affirming mood…something we all need.
Hope you all like.

We’re lost in denial so we can’t see
Our intentions are tired
We’re suffering
Misunderstanding what we need
We’re just so comfortable compromising

We say give me some time
give me some time
give me some time…

What will it take?
How will we sustain?
There’s a choice to me made.
There’s a choice to me made.
What will it take?
What will we endure?
There’s a choice to be made.
There’s a choice to me made.

We say give me some time
Give me some time
Give me some time

(Lamadio Tiado finale)

by Anchor

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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